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Panelo’s tattered jeans, shiny black boots

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

During the recent joint victory party of incoming Congressman Toff de Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) and cousin presumptive Rep. Edward Maceda (4th District, Manila) at the family owned Sampaguita Gardens in Valencia Street Quezon City, I met incoming president Rodrigo Duterte’s double - header presidential spokesman and press secretary Salvador Panelo.
JEANS, BOOTS. Incoming Press Secretary Sal Panelo and his ripped
 jeans and shinny black Italian boots. PHOTO CREDIT:

“What’s your take on the adverse pronouncement of Mon Tulfo about you?” I posed to the outrageously sartorial buff and high rollers’ lawyer.
To the unfamiliar,  Tulfo’s recent column  at the Philippine Daily Inquirer trained his gun on Panelo and Mark Villar’s appointment as secretary of the Department of Public Works & Highway.
The feisty columnist cited the appointments of the duo were not evaluated thoroughly by the presumptive president.
Tulfo said Panelo, lawyer of mass murderer of mostly media men Andal Ampatuan, Jr., is adversarial to the press, both in countenance and demeanor.
“First, a presidential spokesperson should be pleasant-looking because he’s called upon to talk to reporters in front of the TV camera.
Second, Panelo’s antics and the outlandish knickknacks he wears on his person will make him a laughingstock which will reflect on Duterte.
Digong should rethink his decision if he wants to get along with the press in the vital first six months of his administration,” Tulfo wrote.

Panelo pondered for a moment on my poser on Tulfo before he answered:” ….It’s part of the territory”.
Press secretary Panelo and author

I told him that what I  noticed when he joined the listening tour last year in Dagupan City of then presidential candidate Duterte was his tattered jeans and his shinny black leather boots.
“I loved your tattered jeans because it looks hip,” I quipped by pointing to his pants.
He smiled at my compliment.
“Are these shiny boots, Italian made?” I posed.
He nodded.

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