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PMA Alumni Slam Sen. Trillanes: Conduct Unbecoming

Mr. Trillanes:
We, the undersigned, condemn in the strongest terms your behaviour as a bully and your conduct unbecoming of a people's senator. More, we are aghast and purely discombobulated that as a graduate of the revered and prestigious Philippine Military Academy, you showed you are not an officer, neither are you a gentleman. What kind of manners do you have?
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You are not just an embarrassment to your people, to your family, to your co-alumni, you are an embarrassment to yourself. Decency and education dictate that real men settle their differences with dignity. Even in a duel, true gentlemen face death or the chance of killing somebody with finesse.
Your actions against Mr. Cayetano can only be described along the lines of pre-historic men when grunting was to converse and reason was delivered by a club. You have set civilization back to the stone age. And that is not an exaggeration.

Perhaps a simple apology will suffice that you may deserve understanding and forgiveness. Perhaps a little bit of humility and politeness will regain your humanity back. Still we are not holding our breaths for such to happen. We have witnessed over the years that power and position have gone to your head and that you have crossed the point of no return. Your arrogance and self righteousness are phenomenal!
No, we will not say you are beyond redemption. That is between you and God. We just hope, you will find in your heart the reason why we are here and that power, glory, influence, wealth and importance pass like all things.
" For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
We, the graduates of the Philippine Military Academy and the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines:
Dan Jimenez PMA '77
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 Prof felt despondent when a Cavalier commits misconduct
  By Rachel Luna Peralta - Former PMA Professor
I was once a Civilian Instructor at the Philippine Military Academy. In fact, it was at PMA where I started my teaching career in 1999, a year after I worked at OMA5, PMA as a Researcher and Speechwriter. I was then 23 when I embarked on teaching.
The academic and military training that the cadets go through at PMA are rigorous and regimented, but the underlying core values of Courage, Integrity, and Loyalty are embedded in their daily routines, indoctrination, and code of conduct. The challenge is greater when they leave the portals of the Academy to pursue their careers at the Army, Navy, or Airforce, or civilian sector. This is where their genuine skills and values are tested. When former students are killed in combat, my heart bleeds for them, but when former students rise from the ranks, my heart cheers for them. When a PMA graduate hits the headlines due to conduct unbecoming of an officer or a gentleman, I feel despondent and memories flashback recalling how military and civilian instructors did their roles in molding the young minds and character of these members of the long gray line. What went wrong? What needs improvement?
To my former PMA students who are now active officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, I urge you always to live by the core values of Courage, Integrity, and Loyalty and to serve the people and the country you have vowed to serve with dedication and patriotism. Once in a while, go back to PMA and revive the spirit of selfless service that you nurtured in your heart when you were still fledgling cadets.
Do not fail the people who trust you. Do not fail the nation that brought you to where you are now. Let not power nor dirty politics swallow your values. Do not allow people to hate you because you are doing the wrong thing, instead, let them love you because you are doing the right thing. Help rebuild the nation scathed by the ill-effects of poverty and corruption. We are at a critical period in our nation's history. As cavaliers, stand up for what is right for the country. Let not your self-aggrandizing motives overpower your desire to serve the nation. If you find yourself in a constant battle between personal interests and the nation’s interests, may the latter prevail in all your decisions. If you feel that your personal interests are greater than your desire to serve, then please leave your post and do what makes you happy, privately and out of the people’s sight. I cheer your triumphs; I grieve over your pains and sufferings; I die when you allow yourselves to be consumed by civilian motives.
Finally, may the words of the gallant General Gregorio del Pilar continue to inspire you: “I am surrounded by fearful odds that will overcome me and my valiant men, but I am pleased to die fighting for my beloved country.” A snappy salute to all!

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