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Corrupt Generals should watch for Ambush, Assassination

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

It was not true that two of the five police generals who coddled drug lords in the country were publicly implicated recently by President Rodrigo Duterte because of their surnames that incriminate them.
Police Generals implicated by President Rodrigo Duterte to coddle drug lords.
 From left Diaz, Garbo, Loot, Pagdilao, and Tinio. PHOTO CREDIT:
Manila Bulletin
One of them is General Loot who is now a mayor of one of the towns in Cebu.
 "Loot" in English is stolen money or valuables.
The other one is General Joel “Pagdilao”. Pagdilao is near the Filipino word “Dilaw” or Yellow” the official dress color of Duterte’s presidential rival Mar Roxas of the Liberal Party.
Pagdilao, by the way, was recently the chief of the most lucrative post of the regional offices of the police in country – the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO). It was a two-star post.
If a one- star general in Luzon could earned five to seven million pesos a month at a regional police office from illegal number game jueteng, drop ball or colored games, video karera and whatchamacallit, what more if the regional chief is assigned at the NCRPO where these number games did not only thrive there but illegal drugs?
Thanks to the tens of millions of the country’s population who shoved and jostled themselves for economic gains in a hell hole called Metro Manila.

Now that retired Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo Jr., General Vicente Loot, General Bernardo Diaz of Police Regional Office 6, former NCRPO chief General Pagdilao, and  former  Quezon City Police District (QCPD) chief General Edgardo Tinio have been tagged and humiliated last Tuesday by President Duterte , who won the presidency with a hard stance against illegal drug pushers, at the 69th Air Force celebration at Clark Air Base, these generals should double their security otherwise some vigilante groups, the New People’s Army, who were exhorted by Duterte to help assassinate pushers, and others would ambushed them while they are travelling.

In our radio program Wednesday, I and co-anchor Audrey Hidalgo discussed the five police generals who were implicated recently by President Duterte because they protect drug lords.
Retired General Sam Pagdilao, a senatorial bet and brother of Police General Joel Pagdilao, texted me (probably through his PR Group I met during the campaign period of the May 9 election) denying the raps of President Duterte against his younger brother.
A female friend who knows about the wives and mistresses of some of these implicated generals sent a message at my Face Book informing me that whenever the partners of these generals were in the U.S they spent monies with profligacy there as if there was no tomorrow.

Here’s retired General Sam Pagdilao, a former congressman, too:
“From Cong Sam Pagdilao - Joel's record will speak for himself. He has arrested numerous big time drug personalities and seized volumes of drugs as director of QCPD (Quezon City Police District) and NCRPO. This is on record. Against this backdrop what are the evidence stacked against him? I am in support of the effort against drugs and the promotion of peace and order in this country by the President. But just like anybody, my brother is entitled to his day in court and I am positive that he will be given this”.

Here’s my female informant who rubs elbow with the power-that- be:
“Naku, eto sekreto pero medyo filther mo ha. Mga asawa ng ibang generals na nabanggit ni Digong kung makapag shopping abroad grabe daw! Pati mga mistress grabe daw mag shopping akala mo iniihi ang pera”.
I pity those drug protectors and pushers being waylaid by security forces with a justification that they tried to grab the guns of the cops or they fought back.
Many of these incidents were just concoctions of the police to justify the killings and avoid being charged with murder.
But these onslaughts and killing of those drug protectors would continue as the masses applaud and cheer the massacre of the bad guys.
The Filipinos are already tired with the motherhood statements of the past occupants of the Palace, the Catholic Church; with tongs and hammer that defend human rights violations and distribution of artificial birth methods, and the human right groups.
The motherhood statements were empty talks. Subscriptions to these talks only regress us to the morass – look even generals have been into the drug industry e hinde naman sila med rep (medical representative).
The hoi polloi wanted action and Rodrigo Duterte was the right package to them.
To us good guys, let just sit and relish how the “vigilantes” plot the ambush and murder of these bad guys that include those corrupt generals.
Indeed the Duterte Administration give us not only promise of safety but enjoyment every time TV evening channels started to blare their news.

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    Rebecca Villagracia Felias They were Identified,they hve to prove that its not true . Thats why some dnt believe n our Uniform Men.they Legal uniformed Men can do Illegal Job.S juŕ comes in and out,and source of income to plant or laglag S for lagay to thier victim.And source of harrassment and criminality.Where "S" goes after confiscation.?
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