Martes, Marso 8, 2016

Escudero, supporters laud Poe, SC on favourable decision

At 3:00 pm today, I was in a convoy of vehicles following vice presidential aspirant Chiz Escudero, senatorial bet Migz Zubiri, and anti-smuggling Samang Industriya at Agrikultura’s president Rosendo So, a major supporter and campaign manager of Senator Grace Poe for the 2016 presidential race, when we learned that the Supreme Court's justices en banc decided with nine votes favouring the consolidated residency and citizenship issues of Poe and the six magistrates who dissented on the petitions of the Commission on Election to disqualify the lady presidential bet.
Excerpts of my posers and the answers of Escudero, Zubiri, and So after we disembarked in our cars in Mangaldan, Pangasinan:

Mortz Ortigoza (MCO): Sir, 9-6 daw, ano comment ninyo that Supreme Court sided with Grace Poe?
Vice Presidential bet Chiz Escudero: Binabati ko si Senator Grace at nagpapasalamat ako sa Korte Suprema
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Galing at Puso presidential bet Grace Poe (extreme right) and anti-smuggling Samahang Industriya at Agrikulura President Rosendo So and vice presidential aspirant Chiz Escudero in one of their stomps in the vote -rich province Pangasinan.
MCO: Sir, 9-6 daw sided with Grace Poe kanina lang? What’s your comment?
SINAG President Rosendo So (RS): Ah, alam naman natin na Filipina si Grace Poe kaya alam natin na talagang  proper kung talagang declared na natural born.
MCO: Game changer na ito? Dirediretso na ito?
RS: Dire-diretso na!

MCO: Maayong hapon sir, maayong hapon! (Good afternoon sir, good afternoon!)
Senatorial bet Migz Zubiri (MZ): Maayong hapon sad! (Good afternoon, too!)
MCO: 9-6 ang  Supreme Court decision, any comment?
MZ: Ah, tamang tama po, kaming lahat at least buhay na buhay na si Grace Poe (That’s good,  we are all ecstatic because Grace Poe had been reinvigorated).
MCO: Game changer.....
MZ: Lalong uusad ang kanyang kandidatura (her candidacy will spike).
MCO: Mabiyaan na jud si (presidential rival Rod) Duterte kini? (She would exclipse closes rival Rod Duterte because of this Supreme Court’s thing?)
MZ: Ah, dili man pero tingnan, tan-awon nato, tan-awon nato kana! Will see. God willing, God willing. (Ah, no, but will see, will watch, will see that! Will see. God willing, God willing).

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