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War between U.S, China will destroy humanity – FVR

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

A graduate of the elite United States Military Academy and former Philippine president did not believe that the brinkmanship between the United States and China at the Spratly Islands will  result to war.
CAVEAT. Author giving a hardbound book by former U.S State Secretary
Alexander Haig titled "Caveat" to former Philippine President Fidel V.Ramos
 at the Department of Foreign Affairs' satellite office in Pangasinan. Haig
and Ramos are alumni of the United States Military Academy at
West Point in New York.

Former President Fidel V. Ramos said the U.S and China need not plunge themselves to war because it would be mutually assured destruction for them and to the U.S allies in the East Asia Region.
“You visit your homework. I wrote about this since 12 years ago. In the 21st Century you don’t talked about the 19th or 20th Century. Nobody wants war especially World War III because of the massive destruction and the thermal radiation wave of modern weapons,” he stressed to Northern Watch when he graced the inauguration of the satellite office of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Ramos cited an instance that the latest hydrogen bomb is 5000 times more lethal than the atom bomb dropped by the B-29 Super Fortress bombers at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan on August 1945.
“You don’t need a B-29, you just pressed the button. But the U.S study says counter-strike. Somebody has to push the button with the coordination of the 38th Parallel. With the strike and counter strike all of a sudden all that will disappear,” Ramos, who is known as FVR, said last Sunday.

He explained that a war between these military and economic powers will wipe- out the entire 7.2 billion world’s population.

Meanwhile, a political expert, who asked anonymity, disagreed with the prognosis of the former president.
He said the Chinese is restrained to use nuclear arms because it has no capacity to counter strike and hit the U.S mainland while she is vulnerable from the bombs in the U.S bases in Japan and the Philippines and the aerial and naval armaments of the U.S in the South China Sea.
The U.S is in the strategic location in case war explodes as a result of the brinkmanship done with each other by these two powers”.

 The most modern Chinese long range strategic bomber H-6K and its next generation bomber’s H-10 that carry CJ-10A cruise missiles with conventional or nuclear warheads, could not strike and hit the Mariannas, Guam, Hawaii, and U.S West Coast without putting bases somewhere in the Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands. The Chinese ballistic missiles could be identified by modern radars of the U.S and destroy them on air, the source cited.

“In this war it would be the Chinese and the neighboring countries like the Philippines that would be annihilated”.
He said in case war ensued between the Americans and the Chinese; it would be conventional because the latter know that they would be disadvantaged with the former.

The situation is different during the Cold War where the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) had the capability for mutually destructive war with the United States because of her geographic location near Alaska and satellite states like Cuba and her more advance firepower”.

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  1. Former President Fidel V. Ramos should read this article after he told me a war between U.S and China should destroy humanity because of nuclear warheads the two possess.
    "Kulacki explains why China never quite got around to placing its nuclear weapons on alert and the reasons have less to do with it feeling that it didn’t have to:

    First, the PLA is worried that it doesn’t have a credible nuclear retaliatory counterweight to highly accurate U.S. nuclear weapons, conventional weapons, and missile defense systems. Second, U.S. officials have refused to acknowledge that the United States is vulnerable to a Chinese retaliatory strike, which the Chinese think means the United States is not deterred from attacking them. And third, the United States has threatened China with a nuclear attack a number of times and still refuses to adopt a no-first-use policy. All that makes the PLA very nervous.

  2. Jalyd Beo :Plus China's Nuclear Policy. it clearly states that they wouldn't use it to non-nuclear armed states

    Maxim Murillos: Yes. in China we trust.

    Yōsēf Wánax : So what is the purpose of one making expensive nuclear weapons when it will never be used?

    Prince Kassad Yōsēf Wánax: Deterrence

    Yōsēf Wánax : Prince Kassad Unbelievable

    Maxim Murillos: Good.

    Jalyd : Deterrence against nuclear armed states. and false pretense for coward leaders of non-nuclear armed states to be coward of.

  3. Yōsēf Wánax war will bring out the beast of the human. china will eventually use its nuclear weapons against its opponents.

    Warren C. Mancio: Tatang nasaan ang pondo ng pinagbilan ng fort bonifacio need na ng a Afp yan po..

    Jalyd Beo: lost. based on my memory about the issue. the funds were diverted to the national budget during the asian financial crisis to bail out large and important companies to be bailed out if hit. then erap came in and somewhere there in the transition the budget allocated was lost. used by as a national budget.
    hence why the mistakes of afp modernization law was revised and deficiencies were corrected in the revised afp modernization law of 2013

    Maxim Murillos: Hohum been said before. US, USSR MAD. Chernobyl exclusion zone shows that the enviroment & wildlife will thrive without the humans.

    Neceforo Requieron: war will eventually destroy not only humanity but natural resources as well, we did not long for it, but what can we do if we are being provoke.

    Carlos Roderick de Leon: Actually as of the late 80s, 3 out of the 80 Strategic Missiles of PLA Artillery Corps (Yes, they use to report until recently to that unit), has the capability to hit the Western CONUS. Its no surprise that configure that since the aftermath of the Tienammen Square and withdrawal of tacit US assistance to PLA with the end of the Cold War change their paradigm. PLA will use tactical nukes as long as they received orders or concurrence from their High Command since for all intent and purpose, Nukes are considered Political Weapons hence despite having them deployed downrange, still required approval.

    Ronald Calapit With all due respect to FVR, we totally disagree with your opinion that war between the US and Communist China will destroy humanity.
    The US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. That ended the war but did not end Humanity. In fact, they seem to be allies now.
    Hitler massacred millions of people and many allies have died just to defeat Hitler.
    That didn't end Humanity.
    Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US and its allies went in and liberated Kuwait.
    Iraq used chemical weapons and the US threatened to use Nukes.
    That didn't end Humanity.
    Bin Laden and his taliban launched terrorists attacks and the USA killed him and his dogs.
    That didn't end Humanity.
    ISIS set up base in Syria and started terrorizing people with their evil acts.
    The USA being one of those action oriented countries, stopped them there by killing many of them.
    That didn't end Humanity.
    So many things have been said about the end of humanity, when in reality, this threats WILL NOT end Humanity.
    In fact, if China and the US goes into war, it will become difficult.
    But difficult is Not the end of Humanity. It will just be the end of communist China. Which will ALLOW Humanity to flourish.

    Ioannis Kratos Many people have failed to understand how to presume both the enemy's most probable and most dangerous Course/s of Action (COAs)
    When you craft a plan, one must know what are the innate strengths and weaknesses, and identify the opportunities and threats that may arise from the situation...
    Hirap kasi nung mga puro "assert your sovereignty", but everything we can do is all bark and no bite

  4. Silvestre A Rayos Jr. : Chinese ICBM submarines has plenty of room hiding in Pacific Ocean once bases in West Philippine Sea are fully operational ,that is the greatest deterrence.

    Silvestre A Rayos Jr.: China is mirror image of President Duterte, they prey and bully on the weak while cower in fear when facing a strong adversary, The US is the biggest bully but Trump is a fake bully. He refuses to take punitive countermeasures against Iran

    Carlo Soldevilla : future wars, according to einstein will be fought by sticks and stones. when nuclear power fails and satellites fail, all will resort to sword (espada) as weapon....sticks and stones?.. (remember david during goliath's dtime.

    Nathanael A Fabila: Carlo Soldevilla tirador lang gamiton ta!

    Zoilo Rosari: If ever nuclear war will happen the first to be affected by the nuclear reaction are the chinese. its in their genes its because of in breeding. most likely if the war happens after the war no normal chinese will be born all abnormal.hahaha
    they know that thats why they will not start a nuclear war.

    Ioannis Kratos: Many people have failed to understand how to presume both the enemy's most probable and most dangerous Course/s of Action (COAs)
    When you craft a plan, one must know what are the innate strengths and weaknesses, and identify the opportunities and threats that may arise from the situation...
    Hirap kasi nung mga puro "assert your sovereignty", but everything we can do is all bark and no bite.

    Akoy Isang Duwag: Coming from you sir, they become silent.

    Prince Kassad : Ioannis Kratos We were catching chinese poachers inside our EEZ up to 2016 and China did not unleash nuclear hell. What changed that we cannot even do police actions in our EEZ to assert our rights today?

    Selwyn Clyde M. Alojipan: FVR is no longer up-to-date with information and external defense of the country was never his expertise. He needs to be more logical and analytical before he starts to speak these "thought balloons" that are not supported by current facts.