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PNPAyer heads PMAyer friendly huge PD’s post


I was with the public relation (PR) men of a presidential aspirant the other day. One of them told me that when his PR man, a guy involved in corruption charges in the past, showed him his political advertisement bills on TV, radio, and newspapers, the aspirant nearly fell from his chair.
Pangasinan OIC Provincial Director Senior Supt. Rolie Saltat (2nd from right).
 He is an amicable member of the Class of 1987 of the Philippine National
 Police Academy
 Why? Gee whiz, it was a staggering P200 million infomercials in the past months and election is still 11 months away.
This presidential bet has been telling all and sundry that he has no moist eye for the presidency but yet he has the propensity to put several P250,000  per 30 “seconder” on the three major TV stations in the country.
This story was narrated to me by a chief of police (COP) who asked the mayor if he wants the COP to kill the paramour (kalaguyo) of his wife.
The COP told me that the mayor and the wife have lucrative piggery business. But the good looking “magbababoy” ni Mayor absconded, er, ran off with the mayor’s wife.
“Sir, alam namin kong saan sila nakatira, gusto niyo ako mismo ang papatay sa magbababoy ninyo?” the COP, a police major, asked the soft spoken and down-to-earth mayor.
The hizzoner begged off the major not to harm the wife and the paramour.
Pabayaan mo na sila.
“Sobra naman si misis bakit magbaba-boy pa ang pinatulan?” I asked in disbelief.
The COP told me that the lover of the mayor’s wife is not really a caretaker of the piggery but a veterinarian.
“I just used the term “magbababoy” because what they were doing (with the mayor’s pretty wife) was bestiality or kababuyan,” he explained to me.
He said the mayor is a kind hearted guy that his constituents keeps electing him as hizzoner, he allowed the caretaker and his wife to take care of the piggery with his hundreds of heads of hogs.
“Kuya pa rin ang tawag ng kabit ni misis kay mayor. Okay naman now si mayor. He got a lived in partner who is a married public school teacher”.
Now both the mayor and the veterinarian are enjoying their bestial existence in that town.

It’s refreshing to see a member of the Philippine National Police Academy’s Class 1987 as provincial director of the humongous 3 million populated Pangasinan.
With the attrition rate of one year for an officer-in-charge (OIC) PD to just warmed up his seat and then be replaced with another caretaker or OIC since 2011, I posed to a police brass at the regional office in San Fernando City, La Union that the incessant rigodon in the province were apparently given to graduates of the Philippine Military Academy.

“Why not plucked to Pangasinan Rolie (Senior Superintendent Rolie Saltat), he is the most senior here aside from the RD (Regional Director), DRDA (Deputy Regional Director for Administration), DRDO (Deputy Regional Director for Operation), and the (CDS) Chief Directorial Staff?” I posed to a police Senior Superintendent (or Colonel in the military) who has a moist eye too for the top provincial post since he schmooze me to rib one of the honzos to appoint him, gave me a smile of affirmation.

The last Police Senior Superintendent and PMAyer that took the helm of the Provincial Police Office (PPO) in a caretaker basis was Senior Supt.  Billie Tamayo (PMA ’92).
His replacement has been met by vigorous protestation by the political leadership of Pangasinan.
Imagine, after just two weeks in the post and after he presented his law enforcement plans before the members of the provincial council, the young officer had been “sacked” without any convincing reason given.
“Why all the PDs in Pangasinan are all OICs, we would not invite Saltat at the Sanggunian Panlalawigan (provincial board) lest he would be replaced again ,” smarted by Board Member Alfonso Bince who read too the letter of Governor Amado T. Espino  to Police General Arias at Camp Crame for  his  innermost sentiment (and disgust) about the ran around by the hierarchy of the Philippine National Police when it  bypassed his prerogatives provided by the National Police Commission to select a permanent police director.
Bince said Espino wrote PNP OIC Chief Director Leonardo Espina that he preferred, as mandated law, Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat (PMA 1992) at the helm of the provincial police office.
When I told a top brass at the Police Regional Office-1 in San Fernando City, La Union what Bince had “spewed” at the police hierarchy in the August Chamber, he retorted that the politicians in Pangasinan should understand the reality on the ground.
Reality on the ground means the governor is the pet peeve of Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas – who is now ubiquitous in ingratiating with the local powers all over the country because he nurses an ambition to be the president of the country.
But I thought the governor and Secretary Roxas, whose polls stocks keep plunging, have smoked the peace pipe already as my source told me.
 This after gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangco endorsed Roxas’ presidential rival Vice President Jejomar Binay when the latter visited Binmaley,Pangasinan last March – an endorsement denied by Cojuangco’s supporter former Congresswoman Rachel Arenas.
But what was this? My source told me Tamayo was unceremoniously replaced because a congresswoman and a former mayor did not like him. 

Before Governor Espino tangled with Former Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza – a factotum of Roxas – Pangasinan had seen eight OICs and caretakers PDs running the law enforcement operations. From Superintendent Michael Nicolas (PNPA) as caretaker for few weeks, Senior Superintendent Sonny Versoza (PMA ‘84) for five months, Senior Supt. Marlou Chan (PMA ’85) for more than one year, Supt. Laurence Sison for three weeks (PMA ‘92), Senior Supt. Sterling Blanco (PMA ’88) who served for one year, Senior Supt. Rey Biay (PMA ’86) for one year, Tamayo (PMA ‘92) and Senior Supt. Rollie Saltat (PNPA ‘87).
Oh don’t you know that former Pangasinan OIC PD Biay was catapulted to Chief Directorial Staff –No. 4 top post at the Police Regional Office (PRO) in the Region 1 - while former CDS boss Senior Supt. Marlou Chan, a fair haired boy of Roxas and Braganza, was propelled to DRDO in lieu of his PMA classmate now One Star Police General Chief Supt. Benjamin Hulipas.
The movement of these gentlemen and officers to their new posts was when Chief Supt. Allan Parreno was suspended for six months by the Ombudsman, together with some generals and colonels, when they were charged administratively and criminally because of the alleged misuse of gun owners' courier fees
With Regional Director Chief Supt. Roman Felix retiring this coming August, would it be Marlou Chan (after General Hulipas is plucked out  in a higher post outside Region 1) be appointed at the helm of the PRO-1 so he can oversee, just like what he did in the 2013 polls in Pangasinan, the 2016 presidential election in  2016?
Chan, one of the smartest and shrewdest police officials I met, would be expected to don his long overdue star ranked as RD.

Why long overdue? Son of a gun, just saw at the newspapers members of PMA Class of 1986 ( Chan’s underclass at PMA and would be my batch mates encase I graduated at PMA instead of Harvard (short for that “notorious” Harvardean College in Cotabato City) in 1986 promoted to star rank.
Names like Chief Supt. Fernando H. Mendez Jr and Chief Supt. Noel A. Baraceros have been on the newspapers lately.
Oh by the way, my media colleague Atong Remogat, an Army deserter, heard about the notoriety of my alma mater Harvardean, when he stayed for a while in Cotabato City, and asked me what did I learn in that God-forsaken college that I heard was already defunct.
“May natutunan din,” I told him.
“Ano naman iyon?,” he sheepishly and insistently posed.
I told him that my intellectual re-awakening in that college was when my seatmate and best friend Abdul Asma, a Tausog warrior and an ex rebel, was asked by our professor to spell PIG.
“I could not spell that maam,” he firmly told the lady professor.
“Nakakasuka (nauseating)! “he said.
“Okay, huwag na lang pig, GIRL na lang i-spell mo.
Abdul firmly told the seemingly peeved teacher that he could not spell girl.
Professor asked for explanation, why in hell he would not spell GIRL so the teacher could test his vocabulary.
“Kung ang pig maam nakakasuka, iyong girl naman maam, nakaka-libug (arousing),” he vigorously explained.

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